5th Digital Innovation Asia Awards 2018

Ballroom 7th floor June 20, 2018 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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DIA Awards
Jens Thraenhart

We’re very excited to present the fifth Digital Innovation Asia Awards, recognizing the most innovative, creative, and performance-driven e-tourism initiatives in Asia. The DIA are aimed specifically at the tourism industry. These awards were created in recognition of the growth and marketing power of Social Media and Mobile, adding a unique spin to the Awards competition as a whole.

Recognizing the most effective digital initiatives in Asia, this awards program is not limited to business. This is the only e-tourism awards program that recognizes citizen journalis

ts for telling their travel stories online. Many travelers share their stories, photos, and even videos about their travel experiences on the internet. This information is widely used and trusted by consumers in their travel research. We want to salute the most intriguing and exciting moments of travel stories in the Asia Pacific region by awarding the DIA Award for most captivating digital storytelling.

The DIA Awards are also the only awards that recognizes the most socially responsible digital initiative in an effort to drive sustainable tourism practices by leveraging digital, social, and mobile, and in order for the tourism industry to innovate and become more centric by leveraging new media and emerging technologies, not just for sales, distribution, and marketing efforts alone.

I have learned one thing in my past years being involved in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, North America, and Asia, which is that innovation is driven by individuals that have the foresight to recognize trends and opportunities.  Individuals that have the courage to swim against the stream and take risks, but yet respect corporate and organizational environments. In short, innovation is driven by leaders that not only have vision, but also have the ability and gift to execute and have other individuals believe in their concept, and empower these individuals to take part in making the vision a reality. The DIA Awards recognize these leaders and help others to look at them as an example of creativity, innovation and responsibility.

I personally invite you to nominate your best work, as well as the work of your industry colleagues, and your great digital stories. Encourage others to nominate and vote, so we can truly celebrate digital innovation in Asia.

Deadline is June 13, 2018  and the Winners will be recognized at the conference in the Landmark Hotel Bangkok on 20 June 2018.