From evolutionary planetarium systems to immersive digital art

Fulldome.pro is a worldwide provider of 360 digital domes and projection systems. The development of our revolutionary hardware and software integration and auto-calibration technologies allow for fast and highly reliable project production and set up. From the creation of pioneering new design concepts to redesigns and upgrades of existing facilities-one-off shows to permanent installations we are the only immersive media production company that can do it all.
Company Contact Details:
Fulldome.pro Co., Ltd.
67 Moo
1T. Baan Pong, A. Hang Dong,
Chiang Mai 50230
Email: [email protected]
Contact at Digi.travel:
Yana Trofimova
Sales Manager
+66 646 070 344
[email protected]

Ruetairat Chukiat
Sales Manager
+66 812 895 667
[email protected]
Contact at Digi.travel:
Natalia Gorbachevskaya
Project Manager
+66 970 388 450
[email protected]

Aleksandr Deineko
Video Engineer
+66 956 783 316
[email protected]
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Yana Trofimova – Sales Manager

Natalia Gorbachevskaya – Project Manager

Ruetairat Chukiat – Sales Manager

Aleksandr Deineko – Video Engineer