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Security in E Commerce: Under The Hood

Ballroom 7th floor June 20, 2018 11:20 am - 11:40 am

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Julyanto Sutandang

Today commerce face has changed totally different compared to ten years ago. Internet has totally changed the world, not only our digital life, but also our daily life, for sure. IT system successfully cut overhead cost and shorten chain of trade, eliminated much effort and ease to forecast. Everything becoming online and therefore every transaction goes online, bunches data gathered and processed becoming the valuable treasures.

Ecommerce is not only a place for trading online, it is also redefine how retail works now and futures. Millennials, has different habit compare to 90’s or even 80’s. Now they are the major agent to drive our commerce world. Most people now uses online transaction from every kind of medias: Online Shops, Social Medias, blogs, Online malls, etc. Some traditional merchant closes its stores, and that also affected to the hospitality business as well.

Online transaction is the new Market, or the New Mall. Ready or not, we have to face it, take it: get into it; OR leave it, leave behind it. There are some advantages while risk lurks behind in every dark corner of the every steps. Every technology which deliver comfortability and efficiency also deliver higher risk as a bonus.

For Ecommerce business people, we had to know and understand this risk start from beginning, to avoid mis-investment or mis-implementation of the expensive system. Why Digital technology usually being related to the security issue? this is caused by the natural aspect of the digital itself, there are no legitimated NATURAL SIGNATURE in digital world, everything is artificial.

So, there are some mechanisme taken as standard and implemented seamlessly and works well until today, at least quantum computer has no invented yet, or being used in practical way. There are 2 main aspect taken quite seriously in security, it is: access security and data security. Access Security describe about how people access and transact in secure manner without risk of: tampering, fraud, spoofing, or being manipulated.

Data Security covers on how the credential, and confidential data being stored, accessed, and manipulate in secure manner.