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Disruption drives innovation

Ballroom 7th floor June 20, 2018 1:40 pm - 2:20 pm

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Wimintra Jangnin
Andrew Langston
Jittima Ruangratanakorn
Anchalika Kijkanakorn
Kiki Stensgaard

As Airbnb is gaining its popularity, disruptive forces are striking the hotel industry from all angles.

New changes are sparking Innovation in the hospitality world. To adapt to the evolving industry landscape, some hotels are taking initiatives to launching new brands with specific offerings in order to reach diverse types of travelers. Specifically, more hotel brands are aiming on a Millennial demographic, focusing on local connections and shared experiences over more traditional products and amenities.

Disruption is encouraging hotels to find opportunities to add value in their current models. For example, Unprofitable food and beverage operations such as room service are being replaced by more modern options such as ‘grab-and-go’ offerings or partnerships with local brands to provide their products in-house.

Other examples include Intercontinental Hotels Group members enabling guests to accrue loyalty points by ordering food via Grubhub or making dinner reservations through OpenTable. A growing number of hotels are employing chatbots to enhance aspects of the customer journey, from the reservation stage to on-resort interactions.

As one of the most dynamic industries, the hospitality world has seen, and will certainly continuously see new changes in the future. Hoteliers should be ready to embrace the transformation of the industry with innovation and technology in order to succeed in the changing world. Through a focus on unique experiences, local culture and the smart use of technology, hotel guests today have the opportunity to engage more deeply with a destination, as well as with the hospitality brand itself.

JLL explore the evolution of the hotel industry from its past to its future by featuring some of the historical hotel properties to their latest trends. Some of the highlights of new trends include co-working spaces, F&B services, robot services, etc. How lifestyle hotel brands are reaching their target audience.

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